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IMANI Rites of Passage and Company is a nonprofit mentoring organization which focuses on holistic development of the total child. Our goals are to build positive character, strengthen emotional development, motivate students to achieve academic success, provide technological skills and create a climate for health and wellness.


History:  IMANI Boys to Men and IMANI Paths to Womanhood is a component of IMANI Rites of Passage and Company.   In the fall of 2010, Mary Ann Dunlap founded and organized “Imani Rites Of Passage And Company” along with a group of concerned adults who had experience in the rites of passage training. Their focus was to address the challenges of our youth through analysis and strategies, data, and outcomes for our youth.


The Mission of Imani Boys to Men and IMANI Paths to Womanhood is to provide holistic training by fostering character development, socialization, leadership skills and academic achievement. Our mission is to develop young boys and girls emotionally, intellectually, physically, spiritually as they transition from young boys and girls into productive and responsible young men and women. 

Mentoring and Support for youth during their transitional years is the greatest gift that can be given to a young person for it is mutually benefiting to the giver as well as the recipient.  The results of our success have shown that building a positive/mentoring relationship with a youth enhances their social, emotional and intellectual growth. Imani Rites of Passage - is  a manhood and womanhood character development, leadership training and mentoring process starting with students in  4th  through 12th grade.



Pictured Below:

The young men participate and learn the art of: logic, healthy competition, analytics, and engagement during a visit to the World Class Chess Company.  The boys participated in chess lessons taught by professional chess players.  


St. Louis, Missouri 

        O'Fallon Park Recreational Center      

 Pamoja Preparatory Academy- (formerly Cole Elementry School)




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