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The Induction and Coming of "AGE"  Ceremony


These ceremonies are signature celebrations to the rites of passage experince for the participants. The Rites of Passage Experience-includes: entry (Induction), preparation (training), (Coming of Age Ceremony) celebration, and returning to their family and community. The Coming of Age Ceremony marks the completion of the Rites of Passage experience as they transition into the infancy stages of manhood and womanhood. This is considered the "Crown Jewel" of the process.


“It takes a village to raise a child” These components are strengthened through Elders, Parents, Professionals, Mentors, College Students, and Spiritual & Community Leaders.  The Rites of Passage Experience also is based on the Nguzo Saba Value System which includes seven principles, seven spiritual references, and seven Rites. These principles and rites serve as a blueprint to engage and develop meaningful, productive, and purposeful life full of great achievement, promises and blessings. Imani Rites of Passage is a six year immersion experience. Upon the completion of the Rites of Passage Experience, the youth are taught that they do not leave the experience behind as they are expected to return and give back to their community.


Pictured Dr. Benjamin Akonde-Inspiring Guset Speaker -Imani Boys To Men


Parental Testimonial; This training has helped my son to develop better social skills at school, improve his academics, and self esteem. Moreover, I appreciate what the leaders, elders, and mentors have done in the development of my son through the Rites of Passage Manhood Experience.


The process fortifies young boys and girls with the knowledge, tools, and techniques that will enable them to harness their power, master self control, and set goals for attinging a succesful life.


The Coming of Age Ceremony marks the completion of their passage preparation period. The goal of the ceremony is to acknowledge the maturity and transformation of the young boys and girls as they transition into manhood and womanhood. 


The elders must grant permission-based on his or her accomplishments- to move from childhood to adolecence as this marks the -Rites of Passage.


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